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Sun 27 Dec 2009 0:00
till Wed 30 Dec 2009 0:00
CCC conference 2009
Here Be Dragons
BCC Berlin,Germany
Hsb peeps

26C3: Here Be Dragons 26th Chaos Communication Congress December 27th to 30th, 2009 Berlin, Germany



[edit] Participants

Nick Car Appartment Comments Arrival Departure
Hans Drive with Xflame Yes / Confirmed Sure to come 26/12 29/12
Zitzie Drive with Xflame Yes / Confirmed Sure to come 26/12 29/12
Xflame 1 seat available Yes / Confirmed Sure to come 26/12 30/12
Ptr_ Seat needed Yes / Confirmed 100% sure! ~26/12 till after newyear probably
Sandbender Seat needed Yes / Confirmed 100% sure!  ???  ???
fs111 coming from Germany Yes / Confirmed 100% sure! 26th evening, arrive around 9pm in Berlin 30/12
Tazo Seat needed or by train Yes / Confirmed Confirmed!  ??  ??
Low012 No, will travel from Germany by train No sure 28/12 30/12
ace 2 seats available Yes / Confirmed Sure 26/12 30/12
Lanfire No, will travel by airplane Yes / Confirmed whoami: BruCON presentation room CPU (system33) 26/12 31/12
Bkay No, will travel by airplane No Sure to come 26/12 31/12

[edit] Transport

We need at least two cars this year!

  • Contact Xflame for details of car number 1
  • Contact Ace for details of car number 2

Both cars will be shared cost (Benzine + Sticker) [Estimation 80Eur/traject/number of person in the car)

To Berlin:

  • Car number 1 (Departure: 26/12 Fixed, between around 14h and 16h from Brussels)
  -Seat 1: Hans
  -Seat 2: Zitzie
  -Seat 3:
  • Car number 2 (Departure:26/12 12h00 from HSB)
  -Seat 1: Ilja Van Sprundel
  -Seat 2: ptr_
  -Seat 3:

From Berlin

  • Car number 1 (Departure: 30/12 at around 19h to Brussels)
  -Seat 1: Hans
  -Seat 2: Zitzie
  -Seat 3: Sandb
  • Car number 2 (Departure: 30/12 at 16h00 to HSB)
  -Seat 1: Ilja Van Sprundel
  -Seat 2:
  -Seat 3:

there are 2 spaces left in the /tmp/van, going from paris -- i asked if it is possible to drive by bxl (ptr_)

[edit] lodging

Hans has booked accommodation No. 1063 from Dec 26, 2009 to Dec 30, 2009 in Berlin: up to 8 ppl, 800 meters from the event. It's sorta full, so contact Hans directly if you want a place to sleep.

  • Arrival of Hans @ appt. (keys): Dec 26 +/- 23:00h
  • Depart (gtfo): Dec 30 +/- 10:00h

[edit] Sleeping arrangements

  • Hans & Zitzie : 1 bedroom with a double bed
  • Sandbender & fs111 : 1 bedroom with 2 single beds
  • ace & xflame : 1 bedroom with 2 single beds
  • Lanfire (Peter) : Sofa 1
  • ptr_ : Sofa 2
  • Tazo: on the whole wide floor. And PLEASE don't step on my bed ;-)

h: Cool, I know all peeps here. will give them updates directly by email.

Contact details, (Base64 so the landlord won't find his details here via google): Rm9yIGFsbCBmdXJ0aGVyIGluZm9ybWF0aW9ucyBhYm91dCB0aGlzIGJvb2tpbmcsDQphcyBrZXkgaGFuZG92ZXIsIGFycml2YWwgdGltZSwgZWcuLCBwbGVhc2UgY29udGFjdA0KSGVyciBXb2xmZ2FuZyBTY2hsb2Vzc2VyLCBUZWwuICs0OSAoMCkzMCAtIDMyNiAwMiAxMzQgb3IgKzQ5ICgwKTE3MiAtIDUyMSA3MSA1MCwNCkVtYWlsOiBmZXJpZW53b2hudW5nLmJlcmxpbkBtYWMuY29t

[edit] faq

  • yey great -- have we got line of sight to setup a good wireless link to the venue ? 700 m , we're on the 7th floor, and have got a balcony
    • hm, probably not - there's some big ass building in between our stay and the bcc gmap
    • but we can always try -- take a yagi or panel antenna lingering around at hsb and point it to the UFO

[edit] Umweltplakette

just some background information about the sticker you need in Berlin and other German cities if you go there by car:

and here do you get them (could not find an English page with that info):