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brainstorming the sequel (start 2013)


[edit] criteria

Add to the discussion:

  • reachability : easy to get to by public transport (preferably Metro)
  • keys : members need access 24/7
  • easy to get to by bike, car
  • easy to move big machinery in/out (ground floor)
  • toilet / water
  • possibility to get electrical power, internet
  • atelier / workshop fits wel
  • at least 100m2
  • moderate rent
  • a one year lease (or more, or a strong commitment from landowner we can stay for a good while)

[edit] surveying

  • have a big map of brussels, mark the possible spots & evaluate them according to the criteria

[edit] squat/antisquat

  • touring buildings, rue navez, ptr_ got contact

[edit] for rent

[edit] to buy

  • pick up our crazy plan
  • rue destouvelles 5, underground garage, 70000EUR, ptr_ got contact


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