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[edit] Transport

1 point for a bus or tram line, 3 points for a metro line. Sum up the points for each bus, tram or metro lines.

[edit] Bike

Is the place accessible by bike? What about Villo?

[edit] Car

Is the place accessible by car? What about Cambio?

[edit] Parking

Is there some parking space? Should we have a grade according to the amount of parking places?

[edit] Workshop

Is the place suitable for a workshop-like installation? Does the owner agree?

[edit] Rent

The amount of euros we will have to pay every month.

[edit] Lease duration

The duration of the lease, in years.

[edit] Full time access

Can anyone access the place, anytime?

[edit] Surface amout

Amount of square meters of the place.

[edit] Toilets

Does the place have toilet(s)?

[edit] Water

Is the place connected to water arrival and evacuation?

[edit] Electricity

Is the place connected/connectable to an electricity line?

[edit] Internet

Is the place connected/connectable to an Internet line?

[edit] Roof access

Does the lease allow us a roof access?

[edit] Floor level

At which level is the place?