General assembly 2012

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General assembly 2012
Tue 18 Sep 2012 20:00
till Tue 18 Sep 2012 21:30
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Yet another Hsb Meetup!
HSB Brussels,Belgium



  1. Moving to the new space
  2. Bank
  3. Garbage management
  4. website
    1. Who own domain ?
    2. Website hosting
    3. Glue services (dreamhost)
  5. Board
    1. Current board
    2. New board
  6. statutes
  7. house rules

HSBXL GA 2012[edit]


Meeting notes for the General assembly of Hackerspace Brussels on 2012-09-21

members present :[edit]

  1. jurgen
  2. madprog
  3. lucas
  4. Wouter Simons
  5. Askarel
  6. Martha
  7. nico
  8. olme
  9. ptr_
  10. amelia
  11. Seb
  12. ochipepe
  13. ZipionLive
  14. Yvan Markoff
  15. Simon


Moving to the new space[edit]

moving to the new space live talk: Rue du Moulin 40, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode / Molenstraat 40, Sint-Joost-ten-Node (50.855689,4.370326) easier to get to but harder to park hhelp needed!! mail lucas at lucas.vanbeneden at


the account has been unlocked Rent payments will be arranged after GA

Garbage management[edit]

strict policy needed for garbage managment

  • central trashbins in each room
  • membership boxes/shelves : every member got his storage thing
  • everything that's remaining on table/floor : go to garbage (hack-me bin)
  • it's up to everybody to enforce this / not one negative nancy


Who own domain ? --> Still Hans handling it, Askarel busy to move it to the name of the ASBL (Hellea will be our registrar) Website hosting We can't depend on an individual: we should have an hosting in the name of the space. madprog and Askarel can host it temporarily. Discussion on irc:// Glue services (dreamhost)


Current board


New board



house rules[edit]

  replace 'pirates' with 'bucaneers'
  martha has a strange feeling about the metaphor of parrots  in thinking processes and learning activity /  
  Amelia clarifies this  strange feeling by deepening out issues of original ilty & copyright.
  finally the house rules is scratched out

Notes .. please see