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Java workshop
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Java Workshop (basics, Android, video games)

The workshop[edit]

For beginners and others interested in Java,

There is a permanent Java workshop starting december 2012.

Java is a generalist programming language, widely used by programmers. It allows you to create dynamic websites, applications for your phone (Android), video games, and others.

What happens during the workshop[edit]

There is a short introduction to Java and programming, then you start coding programs of increasing difficulty (at your own pace). Those who are interested in a more specific topic will be helped in their requests.

Practical infos[edit]


  • anyone with his(her) laptop (no prior programming experience required)

What will be covered[edit]

  • basics of Java (primitive variables, control structures, classes, interfaces, exceptions, ...)
  • using Eclipse
  • GUI (graphical user interface)
  • programming your phone with Android ! (more advanced)
  • OpenGL: programming for video games (more advanced)
  • the things you're interested in (bring your ideas if you want !)


  • Tuesdays and weekends (and maybe other days if available) - days and hours are not fixed, contact me by phone: 0479/615938


  • HackerSpace Brussels
 rue du moulin 40 meulenstraat
 1210 St-Josse-Ten-Node (Bruxelles - Brussel)

For those who are interested, I'll be there on Tuesdays evenings and at least one day of the weekends. Contact me for precise days and hours.