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This page will host the research/opinions for different options in relocating HSB to a new spot in the universe (preferably in or around brussels :-)


[edit] actions taken

  • ptr_ mailed the immo of the building in st-gilles, got plans & moar pictures
  • ptr_ mailed immotheker for his view on our case (if any)

[edit] quickly-aging-grey-bearded-men-in-black-club

we setup a 'patrimoniumvennootschap' -- the so called 'norbert-real-estate' -- or other construction - with the specific aim to buy a building to host the hackerspace(s?) - this is funded by finding enough ppl who want to buy a share and as such collectively cough up the money with which this new company buys a building.

Hackerspace vzw got the unlimited right to use the building by the statute of the company. The aim for the shareholders is low-risk as their investment is backed by tangible asset and support HSB and hackerspaces in general (and find a place on top of a fat fiber-pipe :-).

  • We setup a 'norbert-real-estate'
  • Shares is equal to membership
  • The vzw will never be the owner
  • All members are equals (either you posses one share or you pay a membership)
  • Possibility to drop/step-in whenever you want.

[edit] pro

  • Vzw never gets to be the owner
  • No renting
  • No "gifts"
  • All members are equal
  • Maximum commitment time, but as space grows, should become smaller
  • members can decide inside the space as it is owned

[edit] cons

  • finding ppl to buy an initial share is daunting task
  • Your money represent an investment in a building and a way to support hackerspace
  • The financial step in the void (needs research)
  • what with 'investors' who are not member of the HSB vzw? No problem, they are welcome!
  • what if other spaces step into the norbert-real-estate? Perfect everybody is accepted

[edit] going subsidized/public

finding a public governemental body who wants to give us money/housing.

[edit] cons

  • being subsidized will also bring more administrative mayhem in the daily working of HSB (money means dossiers, projects, bookkeeping etc.)
  • a space which is ours 24/7 is a necessity

[edit] anti-squat

find a place with a cheap rent, and get kicked out from time to time :-)

[edit] rent a place

the most obvious choice, but we're a bit reversed minded :-)

find a decent (as in not-too-shabby) spot and rent it. look around and list the options (with costs & strings attached) here:

[edit] cons

  • renting a place will probably cost us way more then what we pay now, so membership money will go way up.

[edit] keep it all in the HSB

get 50 ppl to donate 1000EUR to the existing HSB and this to buy a housing, owned by the hackerspace brussels vzw (HSB).

[edit] pro

We can keep dreaming!

[edit] cons

  • utopy as people will never donate enough!
  • finding ppl to donate this money is daunting task
  • ptr_: HSB should stay lean-and-mean, not overloaded with the burden of managing a 50000EUR asset.
  • guard off 'all HSB members are equal, but some are more equal then others'
  • will need a change of statutes & way of conduct == lo^13ng discussions...