Our Component Stock

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Our Component Stock
Component Shop
Offer components and kits for sale at the space
Tom, Jurgen, Wouter


[edit] We have recieved some stuff

below is the list of what we have for sale as of this moment

  • raspberri PI = 40 euro
  • arduino uno = 30 euro
  • Breadboard + jumpers = 15 euro
  • usb hub = 15 euro

More will follow soon

some profit to bootstrap this project has been calculated into these prices

[edit] Problem

It is difficult to find component and electronic kits in Brussel.

[edit] Goal

Have our own components and kits shop in the space. (note: shop is a big word, it's really not much more than the drinks we're selling now)

[edit] Why?

  • Easy when we want to hack something
  • May attract new people
  • No shipment, only "pick up" in the space (during workshops, tech tue's, ...).

[edit] Progress

  • 05 aug 2013: Called Wim from kd85.com, need to call back 7th. [tom]
  • 11 aug 2013: Emailed Wim with first proposition [tom]
  • 14 aug 2013: Had a call with Wim. We need to tell him what we want to have in stock. He is OK with sending it by mail.
  • 10 Sept 2013: Had another call with wim .. worked out some things
  • 20 sept 2013: stuff arived

[edit] What do we want to have in stock?

(Add what you want)