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Reflow oven
Reflow your PCBs


[edit] Project ReflowOven

[edit] Goal:

Reflow you surface mounted PCB.


  • fully automatic
  • easy to build
  • cheap
  • fully documented
  • open source

[edit] Why:

It's nice to solder automatically PCB's.

[edit] This project will go through 3 phases:

[edit] Phase 1: Design and make a working prototype

Design the control circuit that works. Attach it to the oven. Try basic control.

[edit] Phase 2: Optimize the design

Update the control loop and see how it's matching the reflow curve.

[edit] Phase 3: Make and publish instructions

Completely document the full hardware and software. Write building instructions and a users manual. Make videos demonstrating the building and the operation of the oven. Publish everything and promote it.

[edit] Oven

Found at tbe flea market (2kW).

[edit] Control Part

We'll be using an Arduino-like controller to control the power electronics.

  • The controller shall read the oven temperature from a thermocouple.
  • Relays shall protect the mains input.
  • Heating power provided to the resistors shall be controlled by triacs.
  • The controller shall follow typical reflow curves and follow them accurately.
  • Reflow curves parameters shall be configurable.

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