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Parent: Wbm2009v2

[edit] iperf

these scripts needs the iperf package

  • iperf client
 iperf -c localhost -p 5003 -t 0 -i 1 -f M
  • iperf server
 iperf -s -p 5003  -D

[edit] BATMAN

setting loglevel

echo 15 > /proc/net/batman-adv/log-level
batctl 15

batman log files:


[edit] buttons

you can detect a push of the reset button (on the fonera1, it's a little hole in the casing, in the underside): put these lines of code (adapted with whatever you want to do when triggered) /etc/hotplug.d/button/0-reset

root@OpenWrt:/etc/hotplug.d/button# cat 00-reset 
[ "$ACTION" = "released" -a "$BUTTON" = reset ] && {
        date >> /reset.txt