Wireless Battle Mesh v 2.7182

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Wireless Battle Mesh v 2.7182
Fri 26 Feb 2010 14:00
till Sun 28 Feb 2010 20:00
wireless battle mesh prep meeting
may the mesh be with you
z33 Hasselt,Belgium
ptr_, nico

Wireless battle mesh version e (or some arbitrary number between v2 and v3)

hsbxl is organising a preparation meeting for the upcoming 'battle of the mesh' v3 (Rome, beginning of june 2010).

this meeting takes place during three days, end of februari (26-27-28 Feb 2010) in Hasselt, Belgium.

[edit] Aim

The main topic of this get-together is the preparation of the [WBMv3]

  • test & announce which target OpenWRT version + packages will be installed
  • test & document the configuration tools (node-configuration-factory)
  • prepare other tools/infrastructure (logging-server, generating reports for test-results etc)
  • brainstorm on network organisation
  • test the workflow (how the different tests be executed)

more exotic:

  • try to log physiscal radio parameters
  • Wbm2009v2/IdeasForNextTime
  • find a alternative to generate traffic (iperf consumes to much cpu)

other possible topics:

[edit] Schedule

[edit] friday


  • get together at HSB,
  • pack gear together
  • ./configure && make
  • Txpower 1 test


  • depending on the availability of transport, we will go to hasselt, or stay in brussels till saturdaymorning;


  • car driving bxl - hasselt

[edit] saturday


[edit] sunday


  • car driving hasselt-bxl

[edit] Location

hasselt is +- 100km from brussels, we'll have a van to do some going hence and forth the van is not available, but there will be a car driving saturday-morning, and coming back sunday-late-afternoon

Caravans inside.jpg Caravans outside.jpg

[edit] Transport

  • Train?
  • Road
  • Car sharing?
    • wouter has a car, but can only drive saturdaymorning, and drive back sunday-late-afternoon (17h) -- for the moment, this is the best option.

[edit] Price

we won't have organisational costs, so cost-price will be minimal or non-existant.

[edit] Who's in?

  • ptr_
  • nico
  • zoobab (only the Friday)